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Tony Fern (right)with fellow coach and World Masters Champion, Jon Tilt



My Name is Tony Fern
I am an International Coach, based in Southampton. I have coached a middle and long distance group in Southampton since 1973.
In all that time, over 4,000 athletes have used the group, many have gone on to represent their country at the highest level.
The group has helped all kinds of athletics with their running, varying from Duathlon, Triathlon, Modern Pentathlon and Orienteering (See Achievements Links).
In my running days I represented Tipton Harriers in the midlands. I helped them to win every major ultra-distance race in the country.
a. London to Brighton
b. Liverpool to Blackpool
c. Exeter to Plymouth
d. Woodford to Southend
and Scotland's Two Bridges race.

My best individual performance was being second to the great John Tarrant in the 1968 Liverpool to Blackpool race.
I migrated from the midlands to Southampton in 1971. I had really finished serious running by then, but Southampton boasted two fine runners, Ian Burgess and Alan Herrett, who convinced me to be their third counter. They even coaxed me into another London to Brighton race, but our success attracted many others and I soon found I could not make the team.
About this time I found many athletes asking my advice, before long, with the help of the great sprint coach Mike Smith, I too became a respected coach.

The city of Southampton honoured me in 2005 and made me very proud to receive an award for Voluntary Services, To The Youth Of The City, when they voted me a citizen of the year. (Not bad for a Black Country lad).
I have managed both Southern England and England cross country teams and am very grateful for the honour given to me by both of these organisations.




Tony Fern (right) with Peter Lindsell (physio)
at the Monte Gordo training camp (Portugal)

I have set up this website in an attempt to try and change the attitude developing in athletics that, just finishing is an achievement. This has caused a dramatic drop in standards. An athlete cannot always do a PB but he/she should always be trying their hardest.
The disabled Olympics, showed us how people can overcome all kinds of obstacles to get the best out of themselves.

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