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My Coaches

I am very lucky to have some coaches helping me.

Jon Tilt. A World Veteran Champion over 400m and European Champion over 400m hurdles, helps on all required technical aspects. At 52 years of age he still runs ridiculously fast times.

Jon Tilt

Jon Tilt is a UK athletics level 3 endurance coach. He started coaching with the Halterworth Harriers and then moved to join Tony Fern's group.
Jon misspent most of his youth playing rugby for local clubs Portsmouth, Fareham Heathens and Romsey. He turned to coaching late in his career and is a qualified level 1 rugby coach. Dabbling in athletics during the 'off season', He started sprinting and eventually found his niche over the long hurdles.
On reaching 40, Jon took up athletics 'properly', training with Tony to build his endurance and learning to hurdles with Howard Moscrop.
Jon has competed at every Olympic running distance from 100m to marathon - except the steeplechase. There's still time to complete the set!